Sreste is a screenwriter based out of Mumbai. He has been writing, re-writing, and writing some more for the past seven years. He can weave, knit, crochet or mend just about any story. Feel free to drop him a line.



Prayer of the Stall 

A successful lawyer with an acute case of constipation and deep-seated trust issues finds himself in the distant past after using a public toilet and is forced to evaluate the strained relationship with his father and his own behavior while trying to find a way back.


A village is rocked by bureaucratic failures, armchair activists and trigger-happy celebrities following the sighting of a man-eating tiger. Based on surprisingly true events.



A pair of middle-schoolers plot to steal a precious porno-mag back from their class-teacher, all whilst dealing with their parents and a torrent of a something called puberty.

Up My A**

After coming across the works of rightly-controversial radical icon Valerie Solanas, I was shocked. I was humbled. And I couldn't stop laughing.


Unfortunately, my constitution didn't allow me to not try and write a script on the same.



A massively insecure, morally reprehensible salary-man narrates a story about his eccentric Grandmother narrating a story about her late husband narrating a... You get the gist.



The Falcon

An eight-foot tall, overtly buff , surprisingly unoriginal superhero struggles to protect a city from threats as wacky as him. This teleplay is a pilot piece for an animated television series.

South Park Spec - Minorities Report

The boys try recruiting minorities into their group to avoid being ostracized, while the threat of a new master race looms over town. 


A spec-script for the Comedy-Central series South Park. Unsurprisingly offensive and surprisingly tame.



Paul's in Mourning

Following the questionably-sexual nature of his father's death, a small-town pilot takes off to the small town of Mourning to get in touch with his spiritual side.

Heaven and Stuff

An absolutely righteous, morally competent philanthropist dies and finds himself in a heaven that is a bit too forgiving to the rest of humanity.


Scripts in Motion

Lollipops & Lesbians

A failed writer, assisted by a voice-over, faces the ghosts of his lesbian ex-lovers at a semi-abandoned bus-stop.


A short film I wrote in early 2017. It was shot, however, only two years later. I served as a director and editor.


I wrote and directed a concept advertisement for CARA (Child Adoption Resource Authority). Commercial scripts are extremely fun to write. Not very fun to shoot.


On the walls of MITID, like any other respectable institution in the world, lie cryptic symbols some would like to call 'Penises'. What do people see, or unsee in them that doesn't qualify them as the work of another Banksy? Why has this symbol been a mainstay in our institutions? Explore the infatuation with the phallus and some surprisingly well-drawn genitalia.


I developed and wrote the script for Phallacy while in denial of the state of the walls in my vicinity. The documentary was shot by Janamejaya Daroz and edited by me.


A washed-up, unemployed had-been stage actor is given a chance at reclaiming his artistic spirit after being hit by a car. Adapted from a short story, 'Patol Babu, Film Star' by Satyajit Ray. A Bengali-language film. The screenplay was written by me, and dialogues (in Bengali) by Manab Saha.




A Daffodil Amongst Narcissuses

Composed of fantastic adventures and poignant prose, A Daffodil amongst Narcissuses is a collection of short stories by Sreste.



In.Limbo is an experimental publication written and designed by Shagnik Chakraborty. The book is centered around exploring the relationship between Nihilism and nostalgia.



Lotus is a recollection of the events and circumstances leading up to a funeral. A non-fiction experimental publication written and designed by Twisha Mehta.